Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Is ToolLife a tax-exempt nonprofit? Yes.  We are a registered 501(c)(3)  tax-exempt organization.


2.  Are donations to ToolLife tax deductible?  Yes, but you should always check with your tax adviser to determine the amount of the deduction.  For more information, see Charity Navigator's article Tax Benefits of Giving at


3.  How do I get a tax receipt?  All donors will be sent a donation receipt via email or mail within 30 days.  If you donated and have not received a receipt, you can request one by emailing us at or calling (615) 369-5101.


4.  Where can I donate tools?  ToolLife warehouses tools at Operation Compassion's facility at 1120 Urbane Rd, Cleveland TN 37321. We also accept donations in Nashville.  Please contact us at (615) 369-5101 to coordinate deliveries at either location.


5.  What types of tools do you accept?  We take any donations of used tools in good working condition and ranging from a box of nails to a backhoe.  This includes hand tools, farming tools, power tools, sewing equipment, and construction equipment.  If you got something that you're not sure about, just give us a call!


6.  What is a micro-business?  By "micro-business", we are referring to a small business enterprise in a developing country owned and operated by an indigenous person.


7.  How does your micro-business work?  Some of the tools and equipment that we distribute require training to safely operate and maintain them.  To  make sure this happens, we work with partner nonprofits and organizations to identify people who can operate a tool micro-business. If they are selected, these micro-business operators (MBOs) receive an inventory of equipment and tools and are trained on their safe operation.  They can then provide affordable services in their community because their only capital investment is in shipping the tool inventory to themselves.


8.  Are you affiliated with a religion or church?  No.  We work with and serve people regardless of their religious beliefs.


9.  Who serves on your board?  A profile of our board is located here.


10.  Can I receive tools from ToolLife? We distribute tools to other nonprofits, schools, and vocational and developmental programs.  Email as at for more information.


11.  How do I host a Tool Drive? Because their are endless options, it is really up to you to decide how to host a Tool Drive.  Many people organize them through their schools, businesses, civic groups, or congregations.  If we can be of any help with putting together a plan, just give us a call!


12.  Do you pay to ship the tools? Unfortunately, we cannot afford to ship tools to our facility.  However, because we are located in Music City, USA, many people deliver large donations to us and make it a part of a vacation or weekend getaway.



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 ToolLife is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 3835 Cleghorn Ave., Ste. 250, Nashville, TN 37215 l

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